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The ONE WEEK DIET TO LOSE WEIGHT should be used by everybody wanting to lose pounds.  Losing weight is an important decision for anyone to make, and it takes commitment and momentum to be able to see yourself a healthier lifestyle and eat healthier. By taking this step to change your overall look, you do not have to worry about fitting clothing, fall ill or even what people will say. If you qualify as overweight - then it's time you did something about it. Consciously decide it's time to think about your body before reaching out for foods with fat or sugar in the next set.

The first days are not easy. You're giving your body a small portion of food intake by reducing the consumption of calories and all that it would be pernicious. So next time you wholeheartedly stuck on a packet of crisps or salty load extra bacon fat with high-lime mustard and other sauces, ask yourself how much you had in one day, if continued at the time unhealthy.

Recently on the Dr. Oz show, which is a very famous show health covering all kinds of diseases and life habits, they were doing a show about healthy eating. Two women were asked to step on stage and discover the number one food craving, which was created on a table hidden by a cloth. The large woman first took off his cloth, revealing a bowl of salty fried chips. She said she ate two family packages a day, and he saw it as a necessity. The second woman revealed a tall glass of coke, where she can not go a single day without a liter of this down your system. Can you imagine the amount of salt and saturated fat consumed by the old woman? And what about all that added sugar and unhealthy for God knows what the obsession of women number 2?

It's crazy how things throat people food, and drinks and off the water for them. Know how much your body can take and can not take. It is not wise to cause this injury, become ill and then lead a life of only medically treat yourself every day with no access to the things you once loved.


There are three hazardous food must be thrown into the trash-food without preservatives, fat riddled junk fast food and aerated drinks or prepackaged. Sugary items, if you have not mentioned because they can enjoy their favorite desserts and sweets, but on a minimal basis. For example, opt for sugar-free desserts and instead of milk chocolate, dark looks. The management of its food needs in an intelligent and well thought what will become worthwhile in the long run.

Be sure to take it in small portions and do not accumulate these as high on your plate where you can not even see where it goes. The perfect board to use, that's the trick to handle portions, is to eat a plate of room, and not a full one. While on the diet, switch to red wine instead of hard alcohol increases calories from hiding within your content. If this is too much to do, enjoy a drink a week at best.

Start your day nice and early at 7:30 am to say that to make the most of their high metabolic rate. In the metabolic rate of one in the morning is at its highest level, which makes the body burn calories more in this time period. Load with healthy breakfast, but not to a point where it is filled, but satisfied. It begins with the choice of this breakfast is eaten.

1.A bowl of oatmeal or bran flakes, along with milk (skim fat / no) and fruit (usually berries or sliced ​​banana, half cup each) / 2 poached eggs (/ style omelette with mushrooms, herbs, carrots and peppers) with two slices of whole wheat toast / a big bowl of fruit (varied).

2.Glass of freshly squeezed / a protein shake / fruit smoothie with nonfat milk / fat cream.

3. 2 rolls with butter without fat and salt with a cup of black coffee (use stevia to sweeten).

The importance of having a small snack two hours after breakfast is to keep the metabolism going and burning continuously throughout the day. Do one of the following snacks / drinks options (in portions of cocktail in a hand full each).

1.Nuts (unsalted)
2.Such as sunflower seeds or pine.
3.Baked chips or crackers (unsalted).
4.Assortment of olives
5.Drink plenty of water, if not chop anything that absorbs food cravings.
6.A cup of green tea with a slice of lemon and stevia.
7.Black coffee (add stevia, cream aside)

Make it a habit to prepare your own food, with fresh where you can trust yourself to do it from scratch in a hygienic manner. Choose from one of the alternatives After lunch, they are interchangeable with each other every day.

1.Grilled salmon with a side of fried vegetables (stir olive / sesame oil), vegetables (such as sweet corn, peppers, mushrooms, carrots or broccoli).
2.Filet grilled chicken with a small bowl of salad (lettuce salad might include olives, cherry tomatoes, peppers, chili flakes, vinegar, lemon juice and mixed herbs).
3Shrimp with rice (poached / grilled shrimp and then throw them in a pan with the cooked rice along with spices or herbs).
4.Meat sauce with pita bread Whole wheat / rice (beef should be eaten in moderation, like once a week with full fat trimmed).
5.Tuna / tofu salad (with ingredients you prefer).

Dinner / Dinner
This last meal of the day has to be extremely lightweight, heavy food choices during this meal. After eating, wait an hour and 30 minutes to have a cup of plain green tea (slice of lemon and stevia), or a small bottle of water handy. At night (ideally you need to eat before 8 pm and not after) you can have one of the following.

First take a glass of water 10 minutes before your meal.
2 A small fruit bowl / unsalted crackers with low-fat cream cheese or butter (unsalted) / homemade vegetable broth / hummus with pita bread wheat.

Food should be fresh and more importantly not ready to eat or soaked in preservatives or additives. Drink lots of water and also incorporate some activity into your lifestyle such as using the stairs or brisk walking in the morning before sitting down to breakfast. 30 minutes of brisk walking / jogging every day will help when following the one week diet to lose weight program. Have a healthy tomorrow.

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