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The goal of the JAY CUTLER WORKOUT ROUTINE  is to Become more Massive as quickly as possible , particularly in developing strength, thickness and muscle volume.

Program features : - Drive Ratio: Muscu 100% / 0% Cardio - Type of exercises: Base 75% / 25% Insulation - Charges: Lourdes 75% / 25% Moderate - Achieve and force Max: Systematically - Time to Rest Middle: 2min - Average Length of Training: 1h 

Definition: - The basic exercises are those that work the large muscle groups and seeking more joints. They are more effective for building mass and gain strength as they will induce a greater anabolic signal. (Examples: the squat, the bench press, the behind the neck, the deadlift, the curl bar, etc. ....)  - The isolation exercises, however, possible to work one isolated muscle. The concentration curl, for example, is working only the peak of the bicep and only require a single joint. objective is to further develop the curve and detached from each muscle rather than mass (Examples: the concentration curl , kick back, extensions to the pulley, the leg extension, etc ...) - decreasing Series: A muscle fatigue, reduce the load and keep the repetitions until you reach exhaustion again. - Superset: Chaining two different exercises without rest for the same muscle or antagonist muscle.

Do not forget : . Training is the basis of muscle development Regular sessions (4-5 times per week) and hyper intensive (heavy loads and maximum muscle burns) ensure rapid progress. muscles are composed of 75% water, strong hydration before and during heavy congestion and provides a more effective workout. Begin preferably a little cardio warm-up 5 to 10 minutes and one long series light each year to avoid injury. Doing stretching light during and after training. Specificity of Taking Mass :

For a rapidly changing body weight, it is best not to specific cardio. At the training, you must perform mostly basic exercises with heavy loads. The ideal is to try to increase each session and force its maximum repetitions with a partner, see perform more partial reps and / or negative. Starting the series with an average load, then quickly use a maximum load until exhaustion. always Finish by a final round a little lighter to failure to completely saturate and congest the muscle. (Pyramidal system) Finish with isolation exercises, exercises specifically targeting an area of the muscle group superset or drop sets for congestion and maximum muscle burn. The implementation technique must be particularly strict for maximum efficiency. 's extreme intensity of this type of training requires time to rest a little longer and a little shorter than the other programs of training time. 

IMPORTANT : The JAY CUTLER WORKOUT ROUTINE is very extreme. All these order generic information should be your basis for defining your own training program. Everyone has a metabolism, a morphotype and very different genetics. Feel free to modify certain characteristics or exercises designed to get the best result. 

Day 1
ChestBench press (Pyramid) 415-8-6-6

Developed Incline Dumbbell (Pyramid) 415-8-6-6

Butterfly / Pulley overlooked (Superset) 312            
 ShouldersMilitary developed 310-6-6 
Elevations to210
 AbsClassic crunch6max

Crunches twisted6max      

Day 2
BackPulldown to 415-10-6-6

Pulldown neck 415-10-6-6
Rowing sitting 410 

Lumberjack draw 310
 ShouldersRowing close grip 310
TrapezoidsDumbbell Shrugs3 10

Day 3: Rest

Day 4
thighsSquat                 415-10-6-6

Press  415-10-6-6
Leg Extension 410

Lifted straight legs 310
Leg Curl (decreasing Series)310 
 CalvesPress Stand415

Press sitting415 

Day 5
MusclesDrill   SeriesReps
Biceps        EZ bar curls5        15-10-6-6-10

Alternating Dumbbell Curls515-10-6-6-10
 TricepsExtensions brow bar515-10-6-6-10
Close grip bench press515-10-6-6-10 

Extension dumbbells neck210
 ShouldersSide Elevations58-10

 Day 6: Rest
 Day 7: Rest 

you will definitely get the results you want with the jay cutler workout routine

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